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About Us
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As an engineering-oriented Chinese OEM & ODM specialist,WANDA supply and export quality custom-manufactured part to the global market. Now our productions including casters wheels, stamping, machining, casting, forging, heat treating, molding, welding, gears, hook, wire rope & complete machined parts. And widely used in the fields of aerospace, computer, electronic, automotive, electric, railroad, pneumatic, hydraulic, construction equipment and marine, etc.
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  • Better Sales Networks
    As an engineering-oriented Chinese OEM & ODM specialist, WANDA supply and export quality custom-manufactured part to the global market.
  • Increasing Production Capacity
    With a total area of 35,000 square meters, Wanda's production facilities include production base, a south and a north areas. The factory covers 20,800 square meters.
  • Improving Customers' Experience
    Understand our customers and help is the primary cause, so Wanda can maintain long-term partnership and continued to move forward together with our customers.
  • Ensuring Products Quality
    In-house Q/C program of Wanda gives us complete control and documentation from purchasing and receiving raw materials to final inspection and shipping of finished goods.
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